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Welcome to The International Commodities Exchange

Where we bring bona fide Buyers and Sellers together who trade in the arena of private commodity transactions
We are global intermediary traders who understand this business and the formula to achieve and complete a successful transaction within this field. At The International Commodities Exchange our board members compromise of very successful traders and collectively have over 80 years experience in the commodity sector, In that time they have seen all the trick and cons by so called “brokers/facilitators/mandates” with 99.9% of the time proving to have no substance in there proposal, and with the power of the internet it has been even easier to become a “Unscrupulous Joker Broker”. At The International Commodities Exchange we cannot and will not entertain such nonsense. If you share our philosophy and ethics then we would like to assist in servicing your requirement. The International Commodity Exchange primary area of business is to represent Refineries, Plantations, Mines, financial institution and private investor alike. We have been a trusted source for many years in providing buyers/seller that perform which also conform to buyer/sellers protocol with a proven result by streamlining the buy sell function.

N.B All fraudulent transaction will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Why I.C.E ?

  • Verified sellers
  • Buyer
  • Access to I.C.E Mandate
  • No daisy chains Complete more transactions.

Our Ethos

  • To place genuine seller and buyer together.
  • Eliminate false and fake transactions.
  • To bring real sources to the platform.
  • To iron out and to streamline the commodity process.