We welcome intermediaries at ICE. However, we like to call you registered consultants (RC) that work with ICE to find buyers and sellers. We are very strict in the way we work with our RC. If you believe you have buyers and seller, below is the procedure that MUST be followed and if you cannot accept this then we cannot do business.

  • RC sign an legally binding agreement with ICE
  • RC must provide full disclosure on his introducing party
  • ICE will then perform its DD on the introduced party
  • Once approved we inform the RC.
  • The RC will not be included in any negotiates But will be informed through out the process of how the deal is progressing
  • ICE will perform and complete the transactions
  • On completion, the RC will be paid 25% of any fee earned from his introducing party.
  • Your unique RC code will be included on contracts and IMFPA
  • If we at ICE complete further transactions with the RC source then they will be paid the same amount for each and every deal done, and of course be informed through out the procedure.

In this business, many deals do not complete because of intermediary interference and as such, this is why we have produced the above procedure. If as an intermediary you have others that have supplied you with the contacts then itís down to you to make commission payments you see fit FROM your 25% received from ICE
Please download a copy of our agreement for you review.
Once completed please email to and we will be in touch. We look forward to working with you.

Why I.C.E ?

  • Verified sellers
  • Buyer
  • Access to I.C.E Mandate
  • No daisy chains Complete more transactions.

Our Ethos

  • To place genuine seller and buyer together.
  • Eliminate false and fake transactions.
  • To bring real sources to the platform.
  • To iron out and to streamline the commodity process.
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