To become partner of The International Commodities Exchange and for The International Commodities Exchange to represent your company as your official mandate we require the following from all sellers. This is required to eliminating any unscrupulous characters from this arena.

The following is required by I.C.E to conduct its DD and once satisfied and approved by our compliance officer you will be informed and we will be able to offer your products and services to our duly verified buyers.

We require the following.

  • Full Company details (including company registration documents, list of directors etc)
  • Company bio.
  • List of commodities
  • Proof of Previous transactions (B/L SGS reports, Proof of product)
  • Website address
  • Representing banks (No account information)
  • Representing legal council.

Next Step:

Once the above has been completed, we at The International Commodities Exchange will make contact with you and secure our position as your mandate. You as the seller will be asked to complete a legally binding agreement making us you official mandate.
If you are a Sellers mandate and you wish to you use I.C.E to act as your facilitator then we can accept these terms also. However the above requirements will still be required along with your mandate certificate.

The Benefits:

They speak for themselves. When doing business with ICE you will have the protection and security of knowing that you information will NOT be sent around the world via the internet and the buyers you are doing business with have been verified and approved by us.

Why I.C.E ?

  • Verified sellers
  • Buyer
  • Access to I.C.E Mandate
  • No daisy chains Complete more transactions.

Our Ethos

  • To place genuine seller and buyer together.
  • Eliminate false and fake transactions.
  • To bring real sources to the platform.
  • To iron out and to streamline the commodity process.
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